carlson bp fuels

Carlson BP Fuels

Carlson BP sells top tier fuels to help today’s engines run cleaner, accelerate faster, fail less, and – often most importantly – run economically.

Ordinary gasoline leaves behind engine sludge and other deposits that hurt engines over time. BP Gasoline with Invigorate® helps clean the engine and lets you drive more miles with every gallon. Invigorate isn’t just a trendy name; it’s what BP gasoline actually does: It invigorates engines for the long haul and helps avoid unplanned trips to the repair shop.

Carlson BP offers multiple blends of BP gasoline, plus BP diesel.

BP Gasoline with Invigorate® “is like hundreds of scrubbing brushes inside your engine helping to clean and restore the miles lost due to dirt from ordinary fuel.” BP gasoline helps vehicles run cleaner and puts more miles between fills.

Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate, BP’s premium blend, provides “instant cleaning, instant engine protection, and unbeatable mileage.” Owners of high-performance vehicles will appreciate the value of this premium, high-octane fuel.

BP Non-Oxygenated Gasoline keeps your motorcycle, snowmobile, lawnmower, boat, and other small engines running well.

All grades of BP gasoline have Invigorate and are backed by the BP Fuels Guarantee. As BP corporate promises, “in the unlikely event that you experience fuel system trouble due to BP or Amoco branded fuels, [BP] will reimburse you for the repairs.”

BP Diesel is an ultra-low sulfur diesel for trucks and heavy equipment. This “workhorse fuel” contains lubricating additives that improve the performance of diesel engines, and help provide maximum fuel efficiency. BP Diesel is blended for storage stability and to minimize rust deposits in idle fuel systems.

When you fill up with gasoline or diesel at Carlson BP, you know you’re pumping the best fuel for your cars, SUVs, trucks, small engines, and farm or heavy equipment. Fill up today! Contact us with any questions.