Local, friendly, customer focused.
That’s Carlson BP.

For over 40 years, family-owned Carlson BP (a.k.a. Wally Carlson & Sons Auto Center) has served Lindström and the Chisago Lakes Area with high-quality products and services, including BP gasoline, diesel, propane (LPG), vehicle repair services, a touchless car wash, and a convenience store.

Since 1957, when founder Wally Carlson first began hauling Standard Oil bulk fuel to area farmers and businesses, Wally, his sons, and their employees have always put customers first. And ever since the retail store opened in the mid-1970s, Carlson BP has served the local community with top-quality fuels, experienced mechanics – and a friendly smile at the check-out counter.

Carlson BP is the place where “everyone knows your name.” Lindstrom locals, Chisago City, Center City, and Shafer residents, Wisconsin commuters, over-the-road truckers, and everyone heading to or from their cabins off Highway 8 enjoy the same friendly hometown service, all backed by the BP brand.

Carlson BP’s commitment to customer service means you won’t walk away shaking your head, wondering who can help solve your vehicle issues – whether that’s a flat tire, burned out headlight, or a major repair job. They will even pump your gas or help put (free) air in a tire if you need a little extra help!

You can rely on your local Carlson BP for 24/7 gas and diesel (pay at the pump), and convenient hours for vehicle service, propane, car wash, and other needs. Stop in to fill up or pick up whatever you need today. Or just come by to say “hi”!

Top Tier Fuels

carlson bp fuels

Carlson BP sells top tier fuels to help today’s engines run cleaner, accelerate faster, fail less, and – often most importantly – run economically.

Ordinary gasoline leaves behind engine sludge and other deposits that hurt engines over time. BP Gasoline with Invigorate® helps clean the engine and lets you drive more miles with every gallon. Invigorate isn’t just a trendy name; it’s what BP gasoline actually does: It invigorates engines for the long haul and helps avoid unplanned trips to the repair shop.

Carlson BP offers multiple blends of BP gasoline, plus BP diesel … Read More

Repair Shop & Car Wash

repair shop carlson bp

Carlson BP offers dependable repair services for cars, trucks, and SUVs in service bays adjacent to the gas station. Carlson BP’s experienced mechanics bring their expertise to every oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment, brake job, air conditioning repair, and much more. The mechanics are customer focused, which means your questions will be answered, the shop diagnostics and repairs will be complete, and your vehicle will be treated like one of their own … Read More

The station’s year-round touch-free car wash gets summer dirt and winter grime washed off quickly. Do-it-yourselfers can use one of the two manual car wash baysRead More

Small Tank Propane

repair shop carlson bp

Look no further than Carlson BP in Lindstrom to get propane (LPG) tanks filled – either small tanks for household and recreational equipment or tanks for RV/motorhomes.

Carlson BP does not exchange small propane tanks, but rather fills them. Tanks are first weighed, and then filled. Customers pay for only the amount of propane added to the tanks (at the current price per gallon)

Whether it’s for a BBQ grill, space heater, turkey fryer, or another household use, your tank is yours to keep – and refill at Carlson BP … Read More