Carlson BP Car Wash

The station’s year-round touch-free car wash gets summer dirt and winter grime washed off quickly. Do-it-yourselfers can use one of the two manual car wash bays.

Minnesota weather makes car washing an absolute necessity – especially during the “salt season” when road chemicals build up and take a toll on any vehicle’s finish. Keep your car clean and hold back the rust! Take advantage of Carlson BP’s automatic car wash all year long, or use the manual wash when the weather is good and car detailing feels fine!

The Carlson BP car wash is available during regular station hours. However, all car wash bays are closed when temperatures drop below zero (0) degrees. Call the station to check.

Carlson BP offers a Razor® Touch-Free automatic car wash. Purchase your wash at the pump, in the station, or at the car wash entrance.  Or, take advantage of prepaid car washes by purchasing a 10-wash card at the station, which allows you to drive up and use the wash with added convenience.

Choose the manual bays for do-it-yourself car washing. Pay at the bay; only quarters are accepted.  Begin with a three-minute wash for $2.00; each additional quarter adds 20 seconds to the total wash time. Quarters are available at the coin machine by the car wash.

Contact Carlson BP if you have any questions about car wash pricing or options.