Carlson BP Team Members

team member wade carlson bp

Wade Carlson, Owner – Joined the family business in 1977.

Wade and his wife Roxy enjoy travel, biking, kayaking, and spending time with their grandchildren. Wade also enjoys a good game of golf when station business doesn’t take precedence.

team member Brenda Birk Carlson BP

Brenda Birk, General Manager – Joined Carlson BP in 1997.

Brenda has been married to Mike for more than four decades and has two children and two terrific grandchildren. She is an avid reader of “all kinds of books” and enjoys travel (including by motorcycle with her husband).

team member pat eichten carlson bp

Pat Eichten, C-Store Manager – Joined Carlson BP in 2006

Pat is an avid coin collector and enjoys showing his 1978 Mustang II Cobra II in car shows. (He bought car at age 16 and had it restored for his 50th birthday!)

Bill Weidner Carlson BP

Bill Weidner, Assistant C-Store Manager – Joined Carlson BP in 2015

Bill is married to Heidi who he met in Texas. He moved from the warm south to the cold north because she lived in Minnesota, but he golfs and keeps up with the Miami Dolphins as a reminder of the warm weather he left behind.

Connie linder carlson bp

Connie Linder, Bookkeeper/Cashier – Joined Carlson BP in 1976

Connie has also been married for more than four decades; she and her husband Bob have two children and six wonderful grandsons. She enjoys reading, quilting, sewing clothes, and traveling whenever she can.

lief thompson Carlson BP

Leif Thompson, Mechanic – Worked at Carlson BP off and on in the 90s, steadily since 2006.

Leif is married to Emily and they have four children. He loves playing basketball, golf, and getting out on the boat.

team member brad Reineccius carlson bp

Brad Reineccius, Mechanic – Joined Carlson BP in 2017

Brad and his fiancé Eva are kept very busy “building, exploring, and teaching new things” to their two small boys. (Consequently, he “doesn’t have time for any hobbies”!)